What Are The Perfect Brow Beauty Essentials?

What Are The Perfect Brow Beauty Essentials?

It is no secret how we feel about brow beauty maintenance and getting the right shape to compliment your face, however it can be overwhelming where to start, as the benefits are so vast – get shape, lift, definition, anti-aging, elegance and brighten the eyes.

Now you could go to a beautician for your brow therapy, however with Garbo & Kelly’s tools and products, you have everything at your fingertips to create the perfect look yourself, in the privacy and convenience of your own home. You can even get the perfect brows whilst out and about, our products are that simple and effective to use.

Garbo & Kelly Brow Guides. The best place to start is simply place your Garbo & Kelly Brow Guide starting at the crease of the nose and straight up to the brow then begin to fill in and create your ideal shape.

Brow Powder: This has two sides of colour – one lighter and the other darker – that will help blend the colour for a natural look, to suit your growth pattern or seamlessly go from day to night. Apply brow powder to fill the gaps in the brow and for more density

Brow Perfection Pencil: This is a skinny retractable, water resistant pencil adds colour to help fill holes or scars. But, it also helps to achieve more definition for an elegant finish by creating a defined arch along the bottom line of the brow and behind the tail. If you have any holes in areas that you need to grow in, use hair like strokes to fill the gaps first with Brow Perfection pencil then apply Brow powder or pomade over the top.

Pomade: This can be used for a more dramatic finish as it gives 100% coverage and it is totally waterproof. A great product to use to achieve the Ombre Brow, which is balayage (starting lighter at the beginning of the brow and building the colour deeper going towards the tail) for the brow. This is perfect for a high fashion look and for an even fuller coverage over the top of your brow powder.

Clear Brow Gel:  You can use clear or tinted gel to widen the brow and set to finish. Tinted brow gels add depth and density and add tone and reflect. This is also great to touch up and go from desk to dinner. Tinted gel also great to correct grey hair or sun bleached brows.  Brow Gel is a desired necessity and indispensible – you will feel incomplete without it!

Garbo & Kelly Tweezers: The best precision tweezers for shaping and maintenance that will pick up the most tiny, stubborn and irregular hairs! Lightly tweeze any hairs that are outside the lightly powdered line created from your brow guide.

The ‘Master of Illumination Palette’: This palette has 2 matte wells and 4 highly pigmented large shimmer wells. The highly pigmented matte wells are to compliment matte eye-shadow looks for an instant lift above the eye and follow the tail and to conceal the skin around the brow for extra definition around the brow. Highlighting wells apply above the iris and follow the tail for a stunning 3D finish and an elegant profile. Also, great for highlighting the corner of the inner eye, cheeks bones, cupids bow of the lips and down the nose for a Hollywood finish!

Glisten like a Superstar!